Spaceburds NFT’s has variable rarities associated with them, The rarity of Spaceburds and drop amount is as follows:

Common (3400)

Base power levels

Normal healing abilities

Can spawn base level weapons and less rare weapons and accessories airdrops

Rare (1000)

Above-average power levels

fast healing abilities and combat power

Can spawn base level weapons as well as rare weapons along with accessories airdrops, less probability of being dropped with elite and legendary level assets.

Ultra Rare (300)

Spaceburds with high stature that rarely fight

Very high strategic and healing ability but comparatively less combat power

Can spawn all kinds of weapons and receive airdrops and accessories

Elite (200)

Fierce warriors with brute strength

Elite level combat power capable of defeating multiple devil cats altogether

Can spawn all kinds of weapons and including special accessories

Legendary (100)

Super duper rare legendary burds with insane power levels

Power and combat levels are unknown

Will be able to receive all airdropped accessories ever made along with special legendary weapons.

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