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Mintmaster is an open marketplace built on Hedera Hashgraph aiming to provide one-stop solutions for buying, selling, auctioning and displaying non-fungible tokens in a secure and fast way. Taking advantage of the Hedera Token Service, users will be able to mint the collectibles on the platform in the form of collections or as a standalone NFT. Creators will earn commissions on future sales and run giveaway campaigns on the platform itself allowing a vast community of creators and collectors to be a part of the Hedera NFT revolution. Mintmaster marketplace will be easy to navigate, with a filter feature to help you find the NFTs you need. Mintmaster will support artworks in a variety of domains especially PNGs, MP4s and audio files which will facilitate multiple genres of artists. By leveraging the power of Hedera, mintmaster plans to provide an extremely low cost and secure trade experience which ethereum and other crypto solutions have failed to provide. The technology of hedera with the lowest fees ever possible allows creators irrespective of their financial constraints to mint and sell artworks helping in building a revolutionary creator economy where everyone from anywhere can take part. Mintmaster will act as a bridge between Hedera and the artists. Mintmaster has two native collections of its own, The Spaceburds and Devil Cats which play a vital role in driving the mintmaster platform and are a key part of a separate Warzone gaming project built on Hedera Hashgraph leveraging the Hedera Consensus Service.

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