Attributes and animated assets

Dynamic NFT

Each of the Spaceburd will have dynamic attributes associated with them which play vital role in the Warzone implementation. Every Spaceburd is a special NFT whose powers and attributes can be dynamically updated by leveraging the power of Hedera Consensus Service. The powers, accessories, weapons and other attributes necessary for battle mechanism can be updated on demand by the holders via topics associated with each NFT. This opens a whole new area of customizability and inventory management which makes Spaceburds different from any other collection ever made on Hedera Hashgraph. Holders will likewise get a Skyrim style ability to modify and customize the character’s attributes with everything being validated in real time by Hedera Consensus Service. Exciting stuff :)

Each spaceburd will be linked with an animated version of itself which will correspond to the updated attributes. So, this means all the spaceburds been dropped on mintmaster for sale are all base versions. They will have further updated versions based on what attributes holders spawn or buy and all the ownership of the updated versions goes to the owner of base NFT’s.

More info on HCS here

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