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Spaceburds is a genesis collection launched on mintmaster making it very special. There will be only 5000 Spaceburds ever to exist on Hedera Hashgraph each with its own hand-drawn uniqueness and specialities waiting to be adopted by earthlings. Spaceburds aims at promoting Hedera and its vast NFT ecosystem to the world along with fostering our awesome community providing innovative experiences.

For the backstory, Spaceburds were the residents of burdyway galaxy around 8 billion light-years away from earth. The burdyway was attacked by galactic invaders Devil cats which are a ruthless clan of warrior cats that devours any planets life which it invades. Spaceburds were made to flee their homes in fear of extinction and made their way to earth to take refuge, They were unfortunate as one of the cats was able to track their location to set the devil cats on alert as they start to chase the burds that landed on earth.

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